Friday, February 19, 2010


im bored and its official.... no wait ive been bored since like...i dont even know when..anyways i've read japhia's blog..i was laughing when i read the quote i quoted..

practically CNY ended, tomorrow tuition starts..should i be happy?
hmm you asked why?... well one thing when school reopens at least ive stuff to do, im occupied. fills in time. during the hols its long and boring and im free. eating and sleeping is the only thing i do. maybe i should be happy. oh its one hell of a roller coaster ride. being in form 4 i mean.

come to think of it, when is life not a roller coaster ride?.. life was never serene pretty much just boring and dull. anyways life's okay currently, im not depressed or sleep deprived or whatever disease a teen should have. i've been thinking commonwealth essay or not? join or dont?

practically i think i should so does jo, my writing sucks. but c'mon give it a go.. at least thats what i think. my sister said to me it'll be a waste of time. still thinking about it. making a rational decision. next up , haven't had the chance to go out at all. jo wants to shop next friday after school. should i tag along? hmmmm....

dont know if there's an open house this year. jo's hoping to get some beer and gambling. mom says shes lazy. but who knows, there might be one. should i be excited?..nahh more like mutual feeling. my craving for a phone finally receded. still has the urge of wanting one. but its no longer always in my head. im SANE!!!

soo this is it. peace out!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

ding dong!

the title is soo irrelevant ... well im a bit free...i dont know why im in a craving for a new phone... which is blackberry storm 2 or nokia X6... expensive telling myself..U CAN ONLY DREAM!! ITS NOT TURING INTO REALITY!!..wish it was easy..... CNY is like next week..i was thinking..."FINALLY! A BREAK!" and was reminded by kah mun today.."EXAM AH!"... lawl i know...

students have the toughest job, you study all time 24/7, you spend a lot of time in your working place aka school, you go to extra classes for improvement aka tuition, you spend a lot of money on revision books and etc, see student is a toughest job one MUST live through..soo lets just stop with the complaining...

anyway, i hadnt had the chance to go get a valentine gift for you know who... and for CNY shopping.. my sister shopped in penang, in my absence since i was busy 24/7... well that's it for now... other then me craving for a new phone, 1 pair of converse and 1 pair of palms..everything is all well and fine

i didnt suffer from any sickness, but i am tired...who isnt?... well its just a fact that student have to live in and live with...

nokia X6...=D...

blackberry storm 2....

both phones look soo darn cool...
thats it for the updates.... i ma have to study sejarah..wish me luck ..^^

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a short update

since i have the time..btw its a school night its 1am..and well i have the time..
my neck is aching..i felt like a piece of shit... yes im whining..gotta quit this habit..

i just finished my homework about half an hour ago.. had marching practice till 4pm and tuition till 10pm..(chemistry)... it was okay im getting the hang of form4's life.. hectic but bearable...

tomorrow i will be trying to memorize physics formula..but none is getting into my head... thus i decided to blog... nothing much happened... i text less now... me and thum is having the time of our lifes in school as each other's deskmate...with kahmun , melissa and pei- yen (his boss) siting right behind me..!...owh life cant be any better..glorious friends.

well as for him... yea i do miss him.. what to do..i've to study..and by the time i ought to be done..its his bed time...>=... but deary..dont worry okay?..i told you im fine..and soo i will be... and besides nothing can make me sleep, unless i studied...

now i need spectacles..i will look weird now!..i hadnt had the guts to tell my mom..she's gonna nag till my ears fall out... but im having difficulties during classes and during my time in the physics lab... not just that..i think thum is getting anoyyed of me asking if she could read what teacher wrote on the board..

thats all for now.. ciauss..i really need to memorise all these formuals by tomorrow..i've physics tuition...sighs...tiredness....but cant sleep..thank god he's coming... sorry to ask u sacrifice ur time for me and take wednesday instead of sorry...*apologizes profusely* ..

am out..g'nyte / g' life..rmb that =D...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 a whole new diffrent story

its been a while since i've blogged..this will be my last post as of now... first and foremost..i bet i barely had any readers..but still thx for reading my blog...

second.. 2010 made my life other words..i've no time to spare for myself...FYI..i just fell asleep by the computer table and woke up like what.. 5 mins ago... im tired...but peeps ill hang on...hang on realy tight..time is too precious to be wasted eh? other form4's out there...good luck and all the best,

2010 made me a completely new person, new goals in life, new deskmate, a changed life, my panda rings getting worst, and of course a new study methode....

2010 made me feel bad in certain ways...cuz i ma miss him as im to busy..even tho i c him sumtimes; i know im just selfish..i would wonder..would that be enough?... lets hope we will still be tight.

2010 made me move from girl guides to renjers now...awesome eh?..i know exactly..

2010 made me realise im not ready to love... i just dont have the time!

2010 made me just miss him way more..when he say he's gonna miss me..

2010 made me say...maybe two is better than one...i still stayed as confused as i was in 2009...

2010 made me take malay tuition once more...its been 3 years i never had malay tuition

2010 made me turn 16..owhh! its not SWEET SIXTEEN!..its more like hell

lets just hope 2010 continue making its story for me to remember. its just a waste to complain bout it..enjoy it, live it, love it... going to miss him...and let's just say.. maybe 2011 may bring a different view on things...

am offcially gonna stop updating this blog untill the holidays come..or when i have the time for it..will have to continue studying..since i fell asleep just now!!...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

bye bye 2009, hello 2010!!

well im finally back after 8 days being away...i would not blog the whole 8 days on to lazy because it was too long..from this trip i learned a couple of things but before i started listing em' i wanna wish everyone happe new year, its time to move on to 2010. will miss the days in 2009. a new chapter has begun; so get set and start it, dont linger in 2009 anymore!!....

back to beijing's topic, i went there from the 27th dec 2009- 3rd jan 2010. here are a couple of interesting things i find.

1. upon reaching there, it was around 4.30pm (time zone is the same as m'sia)
it's winter there.
2. 4.30pm there looks like 6.30pm here.. you can imagine by 5.30pm its already dark like 7.30pm
3. when we landed its -4 degrees celcius. was COLD, but was okay.
4. asian cuisine all day long, eaten heavy meals, had an aawesome tourist guide.
5. second day was VERY COLD, temperature is around -5 to -9 degrees. there was strong
wind. FUYOH!..
6. in such conditions. you're hands and feet will be really cold and starts numbing up.
7. tricks learnt the slower you move the colder you get; so move faster!
8. cant help it if feet is numb.. it feels like a thousand needles stab into your feet.
9. what i wore during the trip, 2 pairs of socks. 3 pairs of pants, 5 or 4 layers of clothes, 1 or
2 pairs of gloves, 1 scarf, a washable mask. (you still feel cold depending on temperature)
10. you get electrify easily, beacause its soo cold you are charged up, touching metal items will
produce a shock or touching sombody else will do the same.
11. third day was around the same temperature. there wasn't much wind but its still
12. buildings in beijing are awesome, better than KL's; design is unique as well, pretty lights in
the night, hotels we stayed in is just plain awesome.
13. the air is VERY VERY dry, prepare mosturiser and lip balms, your lips will crack if you
dont you will have itch and have rashes if you dont use lotion ( that would be me, i used but
im not use to using em')
14. your cheeks will turn rosy red when its cold.
15. you barely feel thirsty, i drank very little water. you will turn heaty because of lack of water
( that would also be me)
16. mongolian dinner cant be describe in words, roasted lamb just love it, drink speciality milk
tea, milk tea is a different kind.
17. UV is very very high, nearly get a sunburn even though expose to such little sun.
18. climbing the great wall was difficult and tiring, manage to complete it ( the short one)
lenght of the actual great wall is around 6000km, its destroyed so we climbed the short one
19. their "yau char guai" is completely different from m'sias, way fatter in size and is tastier.
20. snow is pretty!!
22. walking in the valley between moutains sucks when it snows. we had to walk 20 minutes
coal mining truck had an accident, the wind is STRONG and temperature was around -10
23. trucks there are HUGE esspecially the one that carries coal!
24. walking in valley, is very very windy; the wind changes dirrection very fast, you cant block
it. make it worst, its near the coal mining area, dust is everywhere, snow is dirty!
25. snow makes walking difficult, slippery! dad slipped, i nearly slipped
26. washable mask comes in handy to make your face warmer.
27. people with sinus, your nose will be like a tap. it wont stop running untill you get really
warmed up, people without when moved to warm places theirs stop instantly. and starts
running slower.( mine started once i stepped out of any warm builing instantly!)
28. traffic jam from outskirts to town is terrible. we were stuck in a jam from 10.30pm -
29. traffic jam because of coal mining trucks transporting coal. the traffic jam is different from
jams here, you stay still and dont move at all. even when you move count to 3 you will come
to a halt. its freezing in the night.
30. the bus needs its battery thus, the keys are taken out. NO HEATERS! during that time
31. ski shoes are hard to wear, and walk in. you waddled around like a duck.
32. you start by tumbling when you ski. fall fall and fall
33. if you cant learn to stop your skis, you fall before colliding in to someone.
34. falling from skis should be in the front or back, side ways; and you'll break your ankle
35. learning to move left and right is easier, just move your arse when skiing
36. silk worms are ugly things
37. 5th day temperature is around -14 degrees
38. you will look fat because of layers of clothes, and gain weight because food there is oily.
39. their "wayang kulit" is different from ours, performed by dwarf people.
40. we are greedy, we see snow but we want more, we want to see it snowing!
41. the museum there was awesome! no entrance fee, 6 stories high; has both east and west
wing. exhibits hall is huge!
42. eating ice-cream during winter was pretty cool.
43. coke boiled with ginger, its just tasty and helps prevent falling sick.
44. snow and seeing it snow is fun! pretty things.
45. you will soon die of freezing. the last day tempterature was around -20. its EXTREMELY
COLD! (it was snowing!)
46. it gets heavier and heavier, roads becomes like mud.
47. forbidden city covered in snow is a heavenly scenary.
48. sticking your tongue out to eat snow is fun.
49. when you are there you miss people from home and miss home.
50. finally, when you are leaving, you will miss the incidents, experience, people from there
51. pray for snow and you get it, your flight will be delayed for a very long time. mine was 5
52. reaching here, i think i have a slight fever. and is still having em'

overall it was awesome, and i had great many experience and made new friends. its worth it. FYI i skipped school. i reached home and it was 7am already late. pics will be uploaded in my fb

Friday, December 25, 2009

Beijing here i come!!

am leaving for KLIA on the 27th at 3.30am... wont be sleeping. my flight will be at 9am. i will be celebrating NEW YEARS there!! be back on the 4th around 2am; and on the same day is the first day of school. should i skip??...

peace out. maybe this would be my last post for 2009!!..

2009 had been very memorable. there are HUGE changes in my life.
ill be missing you dear. meeting you on 2010. wishing my readers happy new year!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Am over the moon..

today i woke up at 7am.. i know WOW! early. i couldnt get back to sleep, i just laid on my bed. waited for time to pass. today is the day we were to go back to school and get our results. i was worrying my mind out. was dragging my feet off the bed. i showered got dress. by that time it was already 8am. i texted him and kah mun. TENSION!!..

kah mun asked me if i a m worried..HELL YEA! i was... me and her tried to keep each other calm. i asked her what color jeans should i go with. LIDSOC shirt or PE attire. after i picked what to wear. i went downstairs and turned on the computer. i went online, vincent wish me luck. i went off. and listened to some music. i was still texting this time jo woke up already. he called twice to console me. am glad...

my mom wasnt back by 10.15am. jo was texting me and telling that she's lining up. i called my mom and rushed her. and got yelled at. i was soo angry. it wasnt my fault. i gave up called my wife and ask if she could pick me up. she came 5 minutes later. THANK GOD! on the way there. there was a traffic jam..i was thinking "of all time now there's a jam!!" me and thum aka my wife, tried to joke with each other. releasing tensions.

we reach the school i just ran all the way into the hall. thum was after me at the back. i went there i grab hold of that pen and only i noticed i was actually shaking. i quickly signatured the name list. and my teacher was shocked to see me catching my breathe. she say congratz and hand me my slipt. i was shocked. i looked..STRAIGHT A's!!. i thanked teacher and went over to thum.

she got 6A's. good, i went to see kah mun.we talked. i called en. met up with Jo. and back to be with kahmun, we talked me consoling her. "kah mun dont be upset okay?"... i texted and asked my mom if i can go celebrate in jusco. she said sure i could. i called my dad. i called him to tell him also. my mom came just a bit after kah mun left.

waited for my sis to get her certificate. i was super relief. after all the worrying. i went to Jusco, i was there alone because i was the first. then around 12pm kent came with alexis and edmund. we walked around. went to the cinema and bought a 3.20pm movie Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. we went to the food court to buy some drinks. i met with vicky, sin yee, crys and ching. Got teased.

we had lunch in sushi king. we browse for items. he says he want to get me something. i dont really have anything i want though. we went to bowl; one game. and gwash i sucked at it been a while since i played. saw schoolmates there alex, crys, ching, vicky, kirtarra, mag, sin yee. we left after a game. we went over to the cineplax, he distrubuted the tickets and went down to buy mcDonalds. he treated ice cream. which was suppose to be smuggled into the cinema.

we stayed by the cinema and waited, i saw japhia, vivian, wai yan and ee wei. while waiting i was eating ice cream and chatting. when it was about time to enter the cinema i couldnt swallow anymore ice cream since it was melty i couldnt put it into my bag. soo i had to throw it away. he treated popcorn and coke. the movie was great, funny and there was a part pity my heng tai he kena potong.

we finished the movie, went browsing for my sister's anklet. i dont know where to get any. so we went to Jusco's grocery department get something for my dog. met up with jo and alex. after paying we followed them. alex went home; it was just me, kent and jo. we hang around and search for anklet. we found some. it only looks okay. i just bought them. wasnt much of a choice.

by then we were still thinking what to get for me. soo i went to universal travellers and he got me scarf ^^ for my trip to beijing on the 27th. my X'mas gift. we walked for a bit and decided to sit and chat in coffee beans. me, jo and him. me and him shared a drink. we talked for maybe half hour, i didnt keep track of the time. when we were about to leave i gave him my X'mas gift.

he liked it; i hope. i went home with jo. her mom fetched. i came home text, showered had dinner and online for a bit, went and pack my things for beijing. we are departing on the 26 late night to KLIA. tomorrow am doing some last minute shopping for the trip. getting some winter stuff.

overall today, i am tired but extremely happy, joy for the two things that happened.

(the scarf)

today marks the best day of 2009!